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Samsung LED Back Cover for Galaxy S21 5G | Color: violet


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A whole new way to express yourself: The Smart LED Cover displays text, icons and animations on the back of the phone. Easily display a message or your mood of the day by placing your phone facedown, picking it up or shaking it.

  • Subtle touch of smoky style: This case is dual-layered for a sleek design. A smoky haze makes the LED lights on the back glow in a striking way.
  • Ramp up the view: Enjoy a larger canvas to express yourself on. The LED display size has been increased, giving more room to show off your text, icons and animations.
  • And level up the emojis: There's space for up to 40 icons so you have a wide range of expressions to choose from. Select one of the preset ones, or make your own.
  • LEDs keep you informed: You can keep track of what's happening on your phone, even if you don't see the screen. Different icons will appear as notifications of calls, messages and more.
  • DIY icons for more options: When you place this case on your phone, it prompts you to install an optimized app that makes it easy to customize your Smart LED Cover. Open it up to choose from the library of existing emojis, or create your own message to display on the back of your phone.

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